Club Instructors

Alex Megann (Aikikai 6th Dan and Shidoin with the British Aikido Federation) is the founder and chief instructor of University of Southampton Aikido Club, and holds the qualification of Coach Level 2 with the Joint Aikido Council (JAC). He started aikido in Oxford in the late 1970s, under Minoru Kanetsuka and Peter Megann. In 1984 he moved to Southampton, and has been practising and teaching there since then, as well as continuing to follow courses with his teacher, Kanetsuka Sensei, before the passing of the latter in 2019.

Jim Anderson (Aikikai 4th Dan) joined the University of Southampton Aikido Club in 1997 and had been training under Alex Megann ever since. He is a Coach Level 3 with the JAC, as well as a Coach Tutor for the British Aikido Federation and the Coaching Development Officer with the JAC. He is also a member of academic staff at the University of Southampton, being a Professor of Mathematics.

Adam Blaker (Aikikai 1st Dan) started training in aikido under Alex’s instruction during his PhD at the University of Southampton in 2003.  After graduating he has continued to live and work locally, and trained regularly in the club.  Adam gained shodan with the BAF in 2012, and has been an assistant instructor in the club since then.

Karl Baverstock (Aikikai 2nd Dan) started training in aikido in 1985, under Alex Megann’s instruction, while an undergraduate at the University of Southampton. After that, he moved to Bristol, continuing to practice aikido at various dojos, and taking up judo in 1993. In 1998 he moved to Poole, and returned to training at the University of Southampton Aikido Club, gaining shodan in 2007 and nidan in 2017. He also trains with Paul McGlone at Poole Aikido club.  Karl is interested in the history and development of aikido and the underlying common themes in the diverse range of aikido practised today.